Saturday, March 17, 2007

Green Revolution incomparison with present india

In recent days I started reading much about my mother land. Success and tragedy stories and how my country raised from those toughest situations. The best example to my last sentence was "Green Revolution".

I want to share information about what I read and my thoughts about that revolution in comparison with current situations. When I was reading article about Green Revolution, one quote touched my heart "hope is always buried in tragedy"

Green revolution started in mid 50s , at that time India was not self sustained. We need to import food grains to meet our needs. At that time we were waiting for revolution in hope. It caused us to find alternative source to increase our food production. Then we found some High Yielding Verities of breeds and started producing grains with new breeds. This was a grate success by 1970 we were able to produce 108 million tone of food grains compared to 50 million tons in 1950.

This not all about Green Revolution, we now got its results we don't know how our leaders achieved this. They took lot of bold decision to achieve this and lot of people worked tirelessly , how much infrastructure to transport and process these food grains is used, how many spent their live to build such an infrastructure .

Direct decisions and involvement is not the only reasons for success stories. There are lot of other things which affects those decisions and the final outcome. At that time India does not have sufficient transport and industrial infrastructure, without them  Green Revolution could not have happened.

Now in 2007, we have sufficient food grains . We are exporting surplus grains. We have perfect transport systems (golden quadrilateral, esteemed railways). We have our own industries which are top in the world. These are all boons given to use by our previous generations.

If we think about our activities, what we are doing for our future generations? how we are adding value to mighty independent India? Everyday morning just sitting in balcony reading paper and blaming politicians and others. Just rethink about ourselves.

We are in the same situation as in 1950's , "hope is buried in tragedy". This time we shouldn't wait for another revolution, we young generation of India should start another revolution which should make India number one in the world.

"Revolution is not the end but it is place holder till next one comes along".

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