Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I want to to do in 2010

Most people thought of their new year resolutions are made around new year  eve.  Me, I am not special but I could not think of them in a new year.  The new year 2010 seems like a non-good start for me. Mothers health is bothering me and some other things. By god's grace, things are getting settled now.
 And now I am formulating my targets this year.

Someone told me a real story about an old couple who are at the age around their 70s. They published their mission or wishes in a poster and publicized to everybody. The poster contains everything they wanted to do in their remaining life. While they are publishing the poster, someone who read that poster asked the old man, sir, you might be having lot of wishes/mission, why you are advertising them to everybody. The old man replied saying that,  if all my friends know about my mission, my wishes and my targets,  after sometime everybody want to know what happened to my mission. The fear of telling them that I abandoned my mission will act as a catalyst to achive my mission.

I am not that far sighted to plan a mission of my whole life, atleast I have some wishes/mission/vision for year 2010.

1) I want spend some valuable time with family. Want to have a trip to some holiday spot with family. Want to stay with mom in Hyderabad so that I can take a good care of her.

2) Want to have one trekking trip to a far location with GHAC. To karnatak or himalayas or some other place which is outside the state.

3) Should have a concrete trading strategy by end of march. I am having ideas but could not spend enough time on it.  I should finish it.

4) Increase repertoire in your resume. I think I am getting attracted to quantitative trading analysis. Join in some distance education course related this one.

5) Buy a home in Hyderabad. I think this year is the best one to buy a new home. 

6) Make way for brothers career. He is going to complete his MSc in BioTech by June. I am not worried about him because I am very much sure that he will be settled in some position which better than mine. But at this point of time, as a brother I need to take care of all options after MSc and final decision is up to him, what he want to be is in his hands.

7) I love teaching and want to spend some time sharing my knowledge, some of my friends at GHAC are  participating/organizing some teaching activities, coordinate with them and realize the task in which you can find happiness.

That s all for 2010, I am sure I can accomplish them because I have the catalyst.

Wish me luck.

Updated: Adding "Butterfly Swimming technique" and "Car driving" to the list.