Sunday, April 18, 2010

Marissa Mayer talk at Stanford university [Very old video]

Thanks to Venu Kesam for forwarding me the following talks link. 
Here is my own interpretation of her talk.

- Work with smart people: Its better to say that I am last in people who pass, that to say I am first in people who failed.
- Work on initial template first and iterate over the process of feedback and development, it helps to put majority of our afforts in important places.
- If you have constraints   , that brings the creativity out of you.
           I completely agree with you, Its the core nature of life, unless you have healthy constraints and struggle evolution can not sustain.Sometimes lack of struggle may cause loss of powers. Example, Ostrich is very old living bird on the earth, it lived in the ages of the dinosaurs. In those ages it  it can fly, but now it cannot. Because, after the death of dinosaurs, it got abundant food resources, flying and catching the prey wasnt necessary because food is readily available( First dominonos door delivery for Ostrichs). Over the period of millions of years Ostrichs lost their capability because it didnt struggle/ use its capabilities for a long time.

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